Elex Review

Elex Review

Elex is an open-world RPG that aims big, but only manages to shoot itself in the foot.

Elex 2 Review

Elex 2 reviewed by Leana Hafer on PC, also available on PlayStation and Xbox.

A sequel to 2017’s Elex, inconsistent writing and terrible combat dim the bright spots of this epic-sized RPG that seems firmly stuck in the genre’s past. Love challenges? Paper.io 2 is a game that will keep you on your toes. Defeat opponents, seize territory and become an absolute conqueror.

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Is Elex Worth Playing In 2021? Elex Review

So fam, let’s see is Elex, the action RPG from 2017 worth playing in 2021.
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Massdrop x Focal Elex – unboxing and first sound impression [3D binaural audio]

Get the Focal Elex for 600$ on 11.11 only!

ELEX – Before You Buy

ELEX (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is an RPG gaining momentum on Steam, but is it really any good? Falcon breaks it down.
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