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            Boaters Education Classes

Basic Boating Safety

My name is Brent and Im contacting you from; we are approved by The Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission to offer certification training for the Washington Boater Education Card.

We are trying to create a greater awareness of boating safety and we have developed a few resources to help us do so. I feel the following resources would be a great addition to the Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club website as the card is required by everyone less than 40yrs of age whos boating at your facility.


Boating Safety Practice Test: Generate 10 question practice quizzes - no registration or fees (Can be embedded into your site).

Navigation Rules Mini-Course: Free Mini-course covering Navigation Rules, Aids to Navigation, etc

Washington Training Manual: Fully narrated and interactive training manual. Specific to the state of Washington.

 In addition to resources listed above, wed be happy to share our library of safety content and images with you. Should you develop a safety or blog section for your website, wed be happy to contribute safety tips as well.

One last mention is that we also have a referral program; well pay a $5 commission/donation for any student that takes one of our courses, that was referred by your website, if you prefer that $5 could instead be given as a discount to your site members/visitors or through our partnership with American Forests, that $5 could be allocated to plant 5 trees in the USA and subsequently offset that individuals carbon emissions for a long time (

Best regards, Brent Moore
Senior Manager Training & Partnerships

Fresh Air Educators, Inc.

   Take a safe boating course online:
Basic Boating Safety Course   Click here to start the course

   Washington Boating Safety Course  Official site for U.S. boater exams Get your boating license online!

Washington Online Boating Safety Course and Exam

The Washington state mandatory boating safety education law went into effect on January 1, 2008. The law requires boaters ages 12 years and older to pass


    Boating Tips


  • Review Running Lights with this simulator
  • Review Rules of the Road
  • Review Aids to Navigation

  • fa"The Ultimate Boating Safety Guide"


        Boating Classes In Washington

         Anchoring Tips

  • Help Prevent Drowning with these Tips
  • Graphic Chart of Distress Signals
  • Crew Overboard
  • Procedure for Abandoning Ship
  • Be Prepared with an Abandon Ship Bag
  • Safety Link Section
  • Preventing Fires Onboard
  • Firefighting Basics
  • Tilt? Trim? What Those Trim Tabs Do
  • Tilt & Trim for Outboards and I/Os
  • Boat Docking - An Introduction
  • Station Keeping by Charles Low
  • Boat Docking Around an Obstacle
  • Boat Docking in a Quartering Wind
  • Docking Broadside to Wind
  • Close Quarters Maneuvering
  • Docking Stern-to
  • Boat Docking - Alongside in a Headwind
  • Maneuvering in a Narrow Channel
  • Docking & Undocking
  • Docking Tips
  • Navigating Bridges
  • How Locks Work
  • Low-head dams
  • Heavy Weather Boat Handling
  • Passenger/crew orientation
  • Boating Etiquette
  • Dockside Do's & Don'ts
  • Fueling Your Boat Safely
  • Facts About Fuel
  • Operating your Boat in Reduced Visibility
  • Your Boat's Aground - Now What?
  • Estimating Time of Arrival
  • Calculating the Distance to Horizon
  • Taking Bearings on a Small Boat
  • Lightning Protection
  • A Float Plan
  • Float Plan for Trailer Boaters
  • Trip Log
  • Ship's Log
  • Predeparture Check List
  • New Pre-departure check list - in PDF format for printing
  • Tools & Spare Parts List
  • Required Equipment for Recreational Boats
  • Marine Communications - Cell Phone vs VHF Radiovspacer.gif (821 bytes)
  • Marine Radio Procedures
  • When You Radio for Help on the Water
  • Getting Help on the Water
  • International Code Flags
  • Required Equipment for Recreational Boats
  • Canadian Minimum Required Equipment
  • USCG Approved Inflatable Lifejackets
  • Anatomy of a Wave

    National Weather Service - always check the weather before leaving the dock and keep a "weather eye" when on the water.

    Tides from Nautical Software - how to check daily tide predictions.

    NWS Marine Observations - if you're planning a trip offshore, how to check the marine observations.

    USCG Local Notice to Mariners - how to update your charts.

    NOAA Charts Online - how to find a chart online.

    USCG Boating Recall Database - how to check for safety recalls for your boat or one you are considering buying.

    USCG MIC Search - how to find the manufacturer of a boat.

       Boast Owners Association of the United States










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